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About Us

Maria Evangelidou

I studied at AKTO Art & Design and I was awarded the “Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design”. My first job was at Darcy Athens, an advertising company, for which I worked for 3 years. The period 2003-2008 I worked for Funmedia, on behalf of which I undertook the design and art direction of five comic magazines. From 2008 to 2010 I gained very important experiences in the field of graphic design and visual communication at Citronio.

In 2011 my love for graphic design led me to establish mevart which offers a wide range of services regarding web design, website administration, and also graphic design of magazines, leaflets, brochures and posters, packaging, logo, and corporate identity. My dream is to provide quality services at affordable prices!

Dimitris Giakos

I have been working for the company since its very start. Part time at the beginning, but also having a constantly upgraded role. From 2020 and on, I work exclusively for mevart, mainly dealing with website and social media management, brochure design, and organizational matters of the company.