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Mevart Creative Design

Mevart is based to Athens Greece, and operates since 2011. It offers a wide range of services regarding web design, website administration, and also graphic design of magazines, leaflets, brochures and posters, packaging, logo, and corporate identity. We are guided by the goals and wills of our clients, in order to provide services that meet your requirements, while the love for our work makes us creative and efficient.

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Web Design

We design and develop websites and e-shops based on the needs and style of your business.


Logo Design

We design the corporate image of your business and deliver a complete visual communication package, starting from the logo and the basic accompanying applications to more complex applications.


Brochure Design

We design and undertake the production, of brochures and leaflets for the promotion of any activity, of all types of companies and organizations, while we also design magazines.


Graphic Design Services

We provide integrated graphic design services according to the specifications set by our customers, for the better promotion of their business.


Digital Marketing Services

We have the experience to develop for you the suitable social media account, by choosing the right advertising strategy, and reaching your audience with posts, stories and contests.

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