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Working hard for something you love is called Passion

Born in  Athens, she graduated from the Lycée Léonin of Patissia. She studied Graphic Design in the AKTO Art and Design College, Section of Applied Arts. She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design of Middlesex University. She attended seminars of Web Design and 3D Design Visualization. She is fluent in both French and English. She possesses 20 years of professional experience in the fields of advertising as an Art Director, and in publications sector as a Creative Director and Edition Coordinator. During the last 10 years she works as freelancer.

Mevart deals with the design and editing of printed content, magazines, brochures, posters, calendars and unique invitations of  social events. Moreover, she engages in the design and creation of corporate identities, associated applications as well as web design. She also offers complete communication services by organizing the electronic promotion of your firm or product (via e-mail marketing). Additionally, she specializes in online marketing and advertising by utilizing the Social Media tools (Facebook, Newsletters, Instagram etc.). Finally, she is absolutely reliable and highly professional and offers complete creative solutions at competitive rates.